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OSGF’s goal is to inspire and facilitate scholarship, public dialogue and consequential action related to plants, gardens and landscapes. Our activities and programs are structured to meet these goals in a variety areas that leverage Bunny Mellon’s legacy, including her gardens, Library, home, and 700 acres of land.

Oak Spring Convenings

The Oak Spring estate and historic facilities provide retreat-style workshops, conferences, and symposia for scholars and practitioners that are forwarding meaningful plant-related work.

Participants gather in historic buildings spread around the Oak Spring property. The Basket House, our most popular convening space, is nestled in the formal garden and is still home to dozens of Bunny Mellon’s artisan-crafted basket collection, which hangs from the ceiling. Paul Mellon’s newly renovated Rokeby Stables and Broodmare Barn now provide guest accommodations and meeting space that pay homage to Paul Mellon’s award-winning thoroughbred racehorses.

While meetings have been by invitation only, in the future we will be accepting proposals from institutions that are forwarding work or study related to OSGF’s programming. Please check back or sign up for our e-newsletter for updates

Supporting Emerging Leaders


Lucia Tongiorgi Tomasi, the art historian, author, and friend of Rachel Lambert Mellon, once described her friend’s interests as, “balanced impartially between the two poles of the garden and the book, the reality of nature and the distillation of nature in the work of artists and botanists.” As such, our programming supports emerging leaders that are involved in both theory and practice, in the Oak Spring Garden Library and in our gardens .

We offer individual fellowships, internships, and artist residencies that support emerging leaders in the world of plants. Visit our Opportunities page to see what Fellowships and Internships for which we are currently recruiting.

Outreach & Exhibits

As part of our mission to support and inspire fresh thinking and bold action around plants, we support plant-related research and communications. In addition to communicating our own garden and landscape Stories, we also support research and communications through partnerships. 

For example, we support timely environmental journalism, including Yale e360, to further discussion, analysis, and reporting on important topics related to plants, gardens, and landscapes. We also support individual fellows conducting plant-related research and communications with various institutions. Find out more about our Library to see how we are sharing the art and culture of plants, gardens, and landscapes.

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